365/52 Photo Challenge

The 365/52 Photo Challenge is to take at least a photo every day. At the end of each week (Saturday), select one photo you have taken and email to rockcameraclub@gmail.com.  Submitted photos will be displayed on this web page.

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Week 1 - Jan 3-9, 2021:

Week 1_Ellen Martin.jpg

Ellen Martin                    Still Life

These pottery vegetables got moved to a new location due to putting up the Christmas tree.  On January 4, 2021, I glanced over at the table and said to myself, oh the light looks so nice.  I picked up my iPhone and snapped the image. 

Eben Ostby.jpg

Eben Ostby                   Waterfall

Taken on slow film with a Zeiss Ikon Tenax 1, which shoots square (24x24mm) photos on 35mm film. I didn’t bring a tripod so I braced the camera on a rock.


Sara Coffey                Self Portrait

Every year I try to start w/ a self-portrait. There were numerous trips in & out of the van hitting my head on the door frame each time.

F1.8  1/5  iso 400 @ 50mm  Used a remote & converted to B&W, edited in Topaz.

Week 1.jpg

Bob Kovach       Focus Stacking

My attempt at close up focus stacking, 12 shots at f/4, 1/50 sec, ISO 200

Week 1 Judy Robichaux Circle of Life.jpg

Judy Robichaux     Circle of Life

Focal Points plus Aperture; f/8,ISO 2500, 1/80 second handheld indoors


Chuck Almarez      Roaring Run

Details: iPhone 11Pro, Photo Mode, 1/120 sec, f/2.4, overcast lighting.

Week 2 - Jan 10-16, 2021:

Brianna Butkoff_Sand to Surf Living.jpg

Breanna Butkoff       Sand to Surf

Cape May, NJ. Taken with 35mm lens on my Canon T7i. Focused on landscape shots today and wanted some depth.

Chuck Almarez_The Sentinal.jpg

Chuck Almarez        The Sentinal

This little guy sits on my bathroom window sill, seldom noticed and under-appreciated. It’s a bit kind of like a friend that you just take for granted until they’re no longer there . . . or their light goes out. The big scenes, the vistas that yell “Take my picture!,” the ones we travel miles to capture and sometimes wait for the other photographers to move their tripods and get out of the way, those are the ones that make you crow. But it’s the little things, the insignificant but important little things, that you’ve got to search out, recognize, and appreciate. They're not necessarily things you have to travel long distances to capture — not in miles or hours anyway. But they are the little things that are around your house, maybe in your garden, or even on a shelf or window sill where they’ve been for years. You still have to “travel” to get to them, but that distance is not measured in miles or hours. The trick is to not just look, but to see, and sometimes not just as they are but rather what they could be.

Taken at 1/50 sec, f/5.6, ISO 200, 138mm, darkened the area around the candle about 2 stops, and added a Lens Flare filter to the bulb.

week 2 EMartin_ Wires 12Jan21 Panasonic

Ellen Martin                       Wires

Afternoon light on wires so often brings to mind, will they all be put underground in my lifetime?  That is why I photograph them, for the next generation to see and smile, laugh?, about.  Taken with a Panasonic GX-8, 12-60 lens.

Eben Ostby_Barack Buff Brahma.jpg

Eben Ostby  Barack Buff Brahma

This is Barack Buff Brahma, a handsome rooster, and he knows it. Taken with an Olympus OM-1 film camera, Zuiko 50mm f1.4 opened pretty wide so I could keep him in focus and blur out the background.

Bob Kovach_Snow!!.jpg

Bob Kovach                      Snow!!

A closeup photo taken Saturday morning before the sparse snowfall melted. Taken handheld with an Olympus mirrorless camera at f/3.5, 1/800 sec, at ISO 200.

Michael Smith_Orchids.jpg

Michael Smith                 Orchids

Photo of mini orchid blooms taken in morning light with an iPhone with a macro lens attachment.

Judy Robichaux_Jets.jpg

Judy Robichaux                    Jets

iPhone XR, ISO 25, f/1.8, 1/8000 seconds. Totally unexpected test of phone's capabilities when given a split second to photograph 4 jets together. Taken from a car going 70 mph on Interstate 64 near Lexington.

Sara Coffey_Maternity.jpg

Sara Coffey                  Maternity

Shot at f/8, 1/80 sec, ISO 400  @ 18mm  A maternity session for a friend that involved a couple and their dog. The challenge was picking a warmish day for winter, which meant the sunny time of day was not the best time for photos. This was entering into the golden hour & the sun was very low. This is a composite of two photos so I could remove the two people throwing the flowery material  into the air. Used Topaz Glow &  also darkened the sky & mountains.