Time Lapse Photography


At our Workshop on February 15, 2020, we photographed a time lapse sequence and processed the sequence into a video using PanaLapse software.  Chuck Almarez developed an alternate method using Lightroom and Photoshop.  Here is Chuck's method:

                                      Chuck's Time Lapse Method

Chuck's Sample Video

Lightroom & Photoshop Updates (from Jan 21, 2020 Meeting)

                                      Lightroom Updates                          Photoshop Updates

Fast & Furious

The PowerPoint presentations and videos from Chuck, Steve and Bob at our September and November 2018 meetings.

      DSLR Basics      Aperture     Camera View       Exposure Controls        Know Your Shutter     Metering & Focus

Tripod & Mounts Video - Part 1

Tripods & Mounts Video - Part 2

Panorama & HDR Video

Live View Video

Back Button Focus Videos




Stereo Imaging Video